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What Is A Hotel Block?
A set of hotel rooms — typically 10+ — that’s been set aside at a pre-secured rate.
What Advantages Does A Hotel Block Bring?
Aside from the instant convenience, a hotel block allows guests to stay together for less, and cut (way!) down on logistical/transportation arrangements.
Why Book One?
Group trips are a dream come true, but planning the basics can be a logistical (and economical) nightmare. Let us do the heavy-llifting so you can concentrate on your loved ones as well as ordering up a cold margarita just the way you like it (salt, on the rocks).
Does It Cost Extra?
No, in fact it’ll cost you between 10-20% less than the hotel rack rate, AND we’ll throw in various freebies so you’ve got more budget for fun and adventure.
How Does It Work?
Give us all the need-to-know details (date, location, rooms required, group size) and we’ll cull through our database to send three hotel group rates that match your trip details and preferences.
Can I Customize Room Types or Preferences?
Let us know what you need (villa rooms, suite-only stays) and we’ll curate an offer tailored to your requests.
What Sort of Hotels Does 40hammock Partner With?
We work closely with a curated collection of properties that fit within the boutique, resort, and luxury hotel categories (nice, right?).
How Do I Book It?
Check which hotels have extended an offer and confirm the booking before the Proposal Expiry Date.
Will A Deposit Be Required?
Most properties will ask for some form of a guarantee at the point of booking by submitting a credit card on file so the discounted group rate is locked in instantly. While you will not be charged at the time of booking, 40hammocks reserves the right to charge the credit card should the booking size fall below contracted roommates.
What Happens If The Number Of Guests Change After Booking?
Keep us in the loop via the app and we’ll do our best to work things out.
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