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A hotel block sets aside several rooms (typically starting at ten) for a group or event at a pre-negotiated rate that will save your travelling party time and money. Gathering everyone in the same hotel means more time together, and less time dealing with the messy logistics. Along with always securing a lower room rate from what you can find online, you’ll also save on transportation and group dining, so you can focus on what matters – giving your group a local experience they’ll never forget.


Top-notch service, gorgeous rooms with plush in-room amenities, and creative dining concepts, luxury hotels go the extra mile to ensure every guest is pampered and spoiled. Ideal for traveling parties who desire the utmost comfort and enjoy relaxing on- property making full use of the luxury facilities.



Small and intimate, typically with a stylish design, boutique stays are great for trips when there are off-property activities planned for but a comfortable, chic base is required. Offering more personalized services, boutique hotels are full of fun details and handpicked amenities and are usually located in a convenient spot.



The new generation of boutique hotels, lifestyle hotels are the younger, sexier off-shoot of a known hotel brand. They present the best of both worlds as they’re intimate in size but big on amenities while enjoying the advantages of a reputable hotel chain eg. loyalty membership, consistent service standards.


"Working with 40hammocks service provided me and my husband access to options we would not have gotten on our own living off- island. The team has a breadth of relationships with the different hotels in the area that made it easy to talk and look at options on what truly mattered to us. Planning a wedding during the pandemic, a destination one at that, is twice as complicated today without knowing how much of our guest list would want to travel, but this team has made the process really smooth. It was a super quick decision for us, though our options were super competitive and we could have gone with at least two of the four options readily. We were able to decide quickly, as 40hammocks is incredibly responsive, letting us move on to planning the rest of our wedding.

Hannah and Clifford
March 24-27, 2022

"Planning a destination was already stressful and finding hotel for our guests added to the stress. As this was our first time booking a hotel block, we didn't know what to do. Having this service was really helpful."

Cyrenne and Joseph
August 25-29, 2021
Booked 14 rooms

"The hotel block booking service was very helpful for all of our out of town guests, including some of our guests who are local, but wanted to get to the after party safely and have a nice place to sleep that was close to the after party. The hotel rooms were beautifully refurbished and it was a very seamless process in booking rooms. I would highly recommend booking through 40hammocks in the future. We were given multiple options based on what price point each guest could afford. The service was seamless, quality, and very quick!"

Zack and Gigi
October 28 - 31, 2022

"The hotel block was convenient and it relieved a lot of stress in the end by giving us peace of mind that our guests would all be together and maximize cost savings. I would highly recommend anyone to use 40hammocks. The hotel options that were offered were all great options."

Adrian and Susan
November 8-11, 2022