If you’re in the midst of planning a destination event or a group trip to reunite with friends and loved ones, one nifty travel hack could be utilizing a hotel block for groups of more than 10 rooms. By block booking all parties in the same hotel, it saves everyone money and a whole lot of logistical to/fro. 

Hotel block aside, here’s a checklist of handy travel tips to make your milestone celebration planning a whole lot easier. 

The island of Oahu is a truly unique destination. An island formed from volcanic activity some four million years ago, today, it is a cosmopolitan city set against beautiful white sand beaches and flanked by the dramatic mountain ranges of the Ko’olau and Wai’anae mountains. A place that’s all about the sun, surf, sand, and respecting the aina (Hawaiian for land and sea), it’s populated by a mix of Asian, European, and Polynesian ethnicities which contributes greatly to the island’s customs, culture, food, and even language. The second largest of the Hawaiian islands, here’s a quick 10/10 guide to getting the most out of your time there. 

If you’ve ever attended a destination wedding and piggy-backed off the happy couple’s pre-organized room rate, you’ve already benefited from a hotel block booking. Most often used for major events like weddings, festivals, and business conferences, hotel block bookings with 40hammocks is one the best way for friends and family members to travel + gather, ensuring a hassle-free vacation everyone can enjoy—and remember long after the trip itself. 

A hotel block is a set of hotel rooms—typically 10+—that has been set aside at a pre-secured rate. Aside from the instant convenience, a hotel block allows guests to stay together, cut (way!) down on logistical/transportation arrangements (because who needs to live-track everyone’s Uber trips when you could be kicking back at the bar:), and, ultimately, allows the traveling group to maximize their time together (ie: epic moments and poolside parties suddenly become super easy). 

Group trips are a dream come true, but planning the basics can be a logistical nightmare. Unless you’re someone who takes pleasure in an endless stream of “where are you?” texts, a seamless hotel block booking is definitely the way to go. 

And because it’s a hotel block booking, discounted rates of anything from 15% upwards means more budget for fun and adventure, and if you book with a 40hammocks, there are always some lovely freebies—wine, turn-down treats, welcome bags, spa and dining vouchers—may all be a part of a special 40hammocks hotel-block package.